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The Online Coaching Programme designed to help you to take your first steps towards running your own successful Private Practice .


I can help you build the framework for a busy, sustainable practice.

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Are you looking to create your own private practice, but you are not sure how to start?

Is it time to do something more than think about it? Time to look at actually making it happen, and launching into the new decade with the business that you've always wanted for yourself?

What if you could get this plan off the ground with the support and guidance of someone who knows what is involved, and who has helped hundreds of others make their dreams a reality too?

Would that appeal to you?

And what if you could have that help at your fingertips, in a format that meant that you could work on it at your own pace, building your confidence and creating a business built on a firm foundation, all from the comfort of your home.

You know that you've waited long enough to take this step.

It's time to grab the support that will help you reach your goals and create your new practice.

It's time to get some expert back-up that will help you make your business dream a reality sooner, rather than later.

That's where this programme will help.

My "Getting Started In Your Own Private Practice" online coaching programme is designed to help get your practice up and running, building it into the practice you visualised when you first began thinking about working for yourself! 

Today, the frustrations holding you back can end and you can make a decision that transforms your working life forever.

(And there is even a Money-Back guarantee for your peace of mind ... see below).

"Attending (Colin's) workshop on setting up in private practice was the best money I ever spent on CPD. I came away from it feeling validated that I was already aware of or doing some things and learning where I might fall short and needed to do things differently. I also gained the confidence I needed to be able to make the jump off the mountain cliff. Since that workshop, my private practice has taken off spectacularly, thanks mainly due to what I learned. Colin is a very patient person with a lovely, quietly spoken manner, but is enthusiastic and energetic about helping others. He is always accessible and responds to questions remarkably quickly. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about going into private practice, whether full or part-time. Now, he needs to write a book!”
(Note from Colin: I've done that, and it's included in this package!)

Linda K Berkeley
Accredited CBT Therapist & Counselling Psychologist in training -

Imagine ...

  • having access to a resource filled with practical steps and useful tools that will help you put down solid foundations for your future practice, clarify your business mindset, shape your vision for that practice and create a structure that will ensure you continue to grow ...
  • being able to tap into a knowledge-base built from others' experiences, so that you don't have to make their mistakes and can progress your dreams for your business faster ...
  • that you could get answers to questions that you've been struggling with ...
  • that you had these tools, this support system at your fingertips, in the comfort of home ...

Now take a moment and realise ... that you do. It's all right here. I've created it for you. And I am available to be that on-going support. I've built it into this programme, both while you are working through it ... and beyond!

Yes, I'm ready to get started on building my practice!

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Meet Your Coach, Colin

I'm Dr Colin Clerkin, a clinical psychologist and business coach, with 25 years experience, first in the UK's NHS, and, for the past 15 years+, in my own full-time private practice, based in North West England.

I've built up my therapy practice from scratch and now employ psychologists and associate therapists to provide wide-ranging services, both privately and through NHS contracts.

Since 2007, I have also been running workshops on Private Practice and coaching a wide range of therapy professionals and coaches, like you, on their practice development.

I've guided hundreds of therapists in making their private practice dreams a reality.

I'd love to be able to do the same for you, too.

"I would highly recommend anyone starting out in private practice to use Colin's 'Getting Started' programme.  It is both inspiring and supportive.  Colin is an excellent and generous coach and wonderful role model for how to run a successful business.  The 'Getting Started' programme is set up it in a way that identifies and then develops each individual’s aspirations and values. I now have a much clearer idea of what I want my business to look like and the steps needed to achieve and maintain this. It is well worth the money and the effort involved!"

Anita Sabey - EMDR Consultant, Yorkshire



Understand Your WHY for wanting to work for yourself and HOW you can be more BUSINESS-MINDED


Get to grips with the Practicalities of Tax, Insurance, Office Essentials, finding your Therapy Space, and much more!


Clarify your Business plans and work out what you need to Charge for Your Services so you can create a profitable, sustainable business


Consider how to promote your Practice and develop a Marketing habit


Prepare your Practice for Compliance with GDPR, Think about Developing your Website, Find Referrals, and Build Self-care into your routine

Bottom Line: You'll create a business, built on a firm foundation, that addresses all you need to cover to get your practice off the to a great start and fulfil your professional and personal goals!

""Having worked in the NHS for a number of years, I decided to start doing some private practice. Colin was so helpful – he helped me to stay focussed, develop practical strategies to develop a referral base as well doing some financial planning. Colin was a great coach, combining the support I needed with useful advice to build my practice. Having time booked in every month also helped to keep me on track. I would very highly recommend Colin’s coaching programme" "

Dr Kari Carstairs
Clinical Psychologist

Here is an outline of the


Part 1 - Introduction

In these modules, we'll set out your objectives for the programme and become familiar with the "Be Accountable" feedback process, designed to facilitate supportive engagement with me across the programme.

Part 2 - Fundamentals

In these modules, you'll look at why you are considering private practice, look at where you are now, and think about what being Business-Minded means for you and your business.


Part 3 - Practicalities

In these modules, you will learn about tax, professional indemnity insurance, take steps to consider your pension and personal health cover, get to grips with office essentials and consider your therapy space.

Part 4 - Money

In these modules, you will create a simple business plan for your practice, be clear about the challenge of charging for your services, and work out just how much you need to charge for your services to be profitable.

Part 5 - Marketing 101

In these modules, we address some basic marketing methods and outline how you can create a marketing habit that will help grow your business  into the future.

Part 6 - Don't Forget ...

These modules cover other key factors you need to address in your practice. You will learn about GDPR, the importance of maintaining your professional identity, what to think about when developing your website, how to find referrals and add value to the services that you offer, and the need to build self-care into your working week.

To add even more value to this course and to give you the BEST chance of achieving success, I've included  bonuses!

BONUS 1 - My updated "Getting Started in Your Own Private Practice" ebook

The ebook that started it all, containing lots of information to compliment the topics covered in this course.

Value £10

BONUS 2 - FREE ACCESS to all existing recordings my Business Growth Group Coaching Club Sessions, including Q&A.

Access all materials produced for my Group Coaching Calls. 8 months worth of material focused on success in private practice, sharing lots of ideas to help grow your business.  

Value £80

 BONUS 3 - Get my "Marketing Your Practice" Programme

I'm giving away my other best-selling course in this incredible 2-4-1 offer. Get 2 comprehensive online courses for just £57!

Value £57

Total Bonus Value: £147 (and more!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common concern with online courses. People ask "Is there a time limit on this? Do I have to start it today, or finish it within a fixed period once I start?" 

The answer is simple - once you've bought the course, it's yours to access when and where you like. There are no time limits - if you submit questions to me, I'll answer them as long as I am able to. Bookmark the page and take as long as you need to work through the material.

Absolutely. The course is accessible on all devices, whether a tablet, phone, PC, Mac, or laptop. And we've even made it available through our app, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

I think you will find the material in this course is just what you are looking for as you start gathering your thoughts about private practice. 

It will help give you clarity about just what is involved in starting your business. With this clarity, you can launch your practice, when you are ready, from a strong foundation that allows you to connect with potential clients and referrers more effectively from the beginning of your business.

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