Just How DO You Market Your Practice?

Marketing means telling your clients you are OPEN!

We all know the problem: we've made the decision to start working privately. We've hung out our shingle and told a few contacts that our private practice is "open" for new referrals. We've maybe even had a couple of private clients come through the door! 

But what next? This is the dilemma for so many in private practice: how can we keep the phone ringing? One answer, obviously, is marketing. But just what does marketing your practice actually involve? 

Most talking professionals come to private practice without any grounding in marketing or promotion, and many of the people I work with tell me that this is one area where they are faced with a multitude of challenges and a very steep learning curve. They also find they are trying to decide what works best for them in getting their message across ... the choices appear almost overwhelming: websites, press advertising, fliers, letters to potential...

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