Is it time to get focused on GROWTH in 2019?

How did it get to December? Do you find yourself asking that question? Especially when you realise that you haven’t quite done all that was on your To-Do list for this year?

As the year winds to a close, it’s quite normal that we find ourselves reviewing what we’ve achieved with our businesses. This can sometimes leave us feeling a little frustrated at what we’ve not accomplished, but it is important, rather than getting hung up on possible negatives, that we give ourselves credit for what we have done, or that we acknowledge how much further along towards our goals we have been able to take things. 

For example, maybe you planned to hit a certain income target but only managed to make 80% of that figure? But that’s 80% towards achieving your goal! That’s surely something to acknowledge and give yourself some credit for, right?

Or you had intended to offer a new service one day a week, but the demands on your time elsewhere means...

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