It is time for you to recognise what you are worth!

Charging for your services ... is it time for you to recognise what you are worth?

Therapists and psychologists, in the UK at least, are notoriously poor at recognising the value of their services to their client group. This may, in part, be rooted in the environment in which many have trained, a public sector service where treatment is free at the point of delivery, or perhaps, more significantly, many therapists come into this line of work because they want to help people in need, and the idea of charging people when they are in distress “feels” wrong.

This is a mindset that is understandable, to an extent, but it is one that is unlikely to lead to you creating a successful business that pays its way and meets your requirements. You enter private practice to earn a living, and believe it or not, when clients come to see you as a private therapist, they expect to pay for your services.

Think about it: when was the last time you called a plumber to your home to fix...

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