What is your 20:20 vision?


Yes, I asked "What is your 20:20 vision", not "Do you have 20:20 vision"!

Because this blog post is not concerned with your eyesight (sorry, though I do hope it's okay!); this blog post is actually concerned with your FOREsight

As I write this, in July 2019, the new decade (yes the '20s, gulp!), is less than 6 months away. And I suspect that many of us haven't yet given a great deal of thought to what is coming, particularly for our businesses, in 2020 and beyond. Sure, we'll have some general, background idea that we'll be working in our practices, with an on-going turnover of clients, and we'll just keep doing what we do, ticking over, into the New Year, right?

But I wonder, if you were actually to 'press pause' for a moment and think about it ... is that all that you want for your business? Really?

Have you maybe had the thought that there are other things that you'd like to be doing in your practice? Perhaps working with a new client group? Or is there a new service that you've been meaning to get around to developing? Maybe reduce your hours in paid employment to focus on your private work? Actually starting a Private Practice? Expanding your business, perhaps, bringing in some associates?  Or something else that has been gnawing away at you in the background, but you've just not been able to make space for it in your planning?

How good would it be if 2020 could be the year you make these plans a reality?

Just take a moment. Sit back. Close your eyes. Allow yourself to visualise yourself working in the practice you WANT to work in, in 2020.

So, let me ask you again ... WHAT is your 20:20 vision? 

And now let me ask ... what needs to happen to make that 20:20 vision a reality? Could you do with a plan? Do you need to start working on that plan now, so that it is more likely to happen in 2020? Or is there the risk that you might let things drift and this plan, this vision, may not become the reality that you would like it to?

How frustrating is that for you? Another opportunity slipping by.

Another "what if" moment.

Well, what if you had some help? What if you had someone to work alongside you as you put some shape on your plans? What if you had someone who could get you focused on making your plans a reality and who would hold you accountable as you work to bring your plan, your vision, into being? What if you could have support to crystallise your 20:20 vision for your practice?

What if ... we could do some work together? Because turning "what ifs" into reality is what I do in my coaching. 

By setting an hour a month aside, between now and the end of the year, you can take the important steps that you want to take to clarify your vision for your business and crystallise that vision into the reality you desire it to be.

What if 2020 started with you doing what you aspire to do within your business?

If that appeals to you, click any of the links in this blog to get your 20:20 Vision clearer than it’s ever been!

I’m looking forward to supporting you into 2020 ...




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