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My Business Growth 1-2-1 Coaching Package is designed to support you as you develop your therapy or coaching practice over the years ahead.



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How clear is your Vision for YOUR Business future?

Are you where you want to be in your practice?

Is it time to do something more with your practice, but you just can't seem to work out how?

Each day in your practice could be so much more exciting, profitable and purposeful - and you know it. 

It's not like you're failing. You've achieved some great things already. 

But, sometimes, does it feel as if you get in your own way?

And you know there's more that you could be doing?

You're just not sure HOW to breakthrough to that next level. You're busy. You get distracted from working on your business because you have to work in your business. You feel frustrated and stuck. I know a lot of therapists and coaches can feel that things have stagnated a little with their practices after they have been working for themselves for a while, but can't see what they can do differently.

You know that you've waited long enough to figure things out, don't you?

Isn't it time that you developed new strategies to help you reach your goals and access new levels in your practice into the coming year and beyond?

Is it time to get some expert back-up so you can advance your business more quickly?

Perhaps that's where I can help.

My "1:2:1 Coaching Programme" is designed to help get your practice on track towards the practice you visualised when you started out! 

As you work with me to develop your business vision for the next 5 to 10 years, I will help you to clarify your ideal client group, set your business goals, prioritise action that you need to take to move forward, develop a consistent marketing programme you can feel comfortable working on AND expand your business for years to come.

Today, the frustration can end and you can make a decision that transforms your business forever.


Work with me to learn to master your mindset and put plans in place to develop your practice.

This isn't about hype, and nor is it a therapy session for you about your business. 

This is about giving you practical steps and REAL tools that will help you develop your business mindset, and create habits to make lasting change, starting NOW!


Here's what Kari had to say about working with me:

“I have been working as an expert witness for over 20 years and now that I have started a psychoanalytic training, I wanted to shift my referral base so as to receive more psychotherapy referrals.  Colin was a great coach and helped me to achieve the goal I set for myself by looking at various marketing strategies with me.  Knowing that I had to report back to him every month helped to keep me focused on something that doesn’t come naturally to me.  Thank you, Colin, for your support and advice.”

Dr Kari Carstairs
Clinical Psychologist

Imagine ...

  • having regular access to an experienced mentor and coach, offering practical steps and useful tools that will help you develop your business mindset, reshape your vision for your practice and create habits to make lasting, effective changes ...
  • being able to tap into a knowledge-base built from others' experiences, so that you don't have to make their mistakes and can progress your dreams for your business faster ...
  • that you could get answers to questions that you've been struggling with ...
  • that you had these tools, this support system at your fingertips ...

Now take a moment and realise ... that you do.

It's all right here!

I've created my 1:2:1 Coaching Programme for you. And I will be that on-going support, both while we are working through it together over the coming months ... and beyond!

Yes, I'm ready to grow my practice !

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Meet Your Coach, Colin

I'm Dr Colin Clerkin, a clinical psychologist and business coach, with 25 years experience, first in the UK's NHS, and, for the past 15 years+, in my own private practice, based in North West England.

I've built up my therapy practice from scratch and now employ psychologists and associate therapists to provide wide-ranging services, both privately and through NHS contracts.

Since 2007, I have also been running workshops on Private Practice and coaching a wide range of talking professionals, like you, on their practice development.

I've guided hundreds of therapists in making their private practice dreams a reality.

I'd love to be able to do the same for you.

1:2:1 Coaching with me will give you the clarity of vision needed to ...


Decide the best ways for you to develop your Therapy or Coaching Practice so that it achieves more of what you want for (and from) it!


Understand the WHAT and WHO of your business, so you can communicate more clearly with prospective referrers & clients to grow your business over the coming years.


Identify your IDEAL Client or Niche Market so you can work more with the client group you feel you work best with, leading to better outcomes for them and greater job satisfaction for you!


Create a consistent Marketing Programme that will help ensure a consistent flow of clients for years to come.

Bottom Line

You'll create a sustainable, profitable business that will allow you to fulfil your professional and personal goals into the next decade and beyond!

Linda had this to say:

Attending (Colin's) workshop on setting up in private practice was the best money I ever spent on CPD. I came away from it feeling validated that I was already aware of or doing some things and learning where I might fall short and needed to do things differently. I also gained the confidence I needed to be able to make the jump off the mountain cliff. Since that workshop, my private practice has taken off spectacularly, thanks mainly due to what I learned. Colin is a very patient person with a lovely, quietly spoken manner, but is enthusiastic and energetic about helping others. He is always accessible and responds to questions remarkably quickly. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about going into private practice, whether full or part-time.

Now, he needs to write a book!

Linda K Berkeley
Accredited CBT Therapist & Counselling Psychologist in training 

The Core 1:2:1 Coaching Programme:

Over the course of our 6 monthly coaching sessions, we will look to ...

Clarify Your Target Market;

Review your “product” and fee structure;

Review your website and consider simple SEO tweaks to boost its performance;

Identify activities that bring the greatest return for you;

Apply my Three Priority Activities Diary Tracker to boost focus and performance;

Review what you are currently doing to attract clients and work to improve on this!

Identify other marketing activities you could use that you may feel more comfortable with (and so be more likely to continue using);

Develop a marketing strategy for your business that you can start to apply within the first month;

Review your systems and streamline where we can to improve efficiency;

Set goals and targets for your activities to keep you on track;

Hold you accountable for your activity;

Look at what more you can do to grow your business over the next 12 months and beyond;

To add even more value to this course and to give you the BEST chance of achieving success, I've included these bonuses...

BONUS 1 - Full Access to my MARKETING YOUR PRACTICE Online Training Programme

My 6-week Marketing Programme with lots of tips and guidance on what you can do to create a consistent marketing routine that will help you GROW a sustainable, successful Private Practice.

Value £247.00

BONUS 2 - "Effective Marketing Gets You On Their R.A.D.A.R." ebook

Marketing has been defined as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.” Essentially, it is any activity that lets your clients know that you exist … it is how you get on their RADAR. 

I wrote this short ebook to help you clarify just what you need to do to stay visible to your potential referrers.

Value £10.00

BONUS 3 - FREE ACCESS to all existing recordings my Business Growth Group Coaching Club Sessions, including Q&A.

Access all materials produced for my Group Coaching Calls over an 8 month period, focused on success in private practice. I share lots of ideas to help grow your business.  

Value £80.00

BONUS 4 - Invitation to join my members only @YourPracticeCoach Facebook Group

Connect with other independent practitioners growing their businesses AND ask me any questions that come up over time! I will in the forum every week taking your questions!

Value £Priceless!

Total Bonus Value: £337.00 (and more!)

Your Business Growth is just a click away ...

Chose between a one time payment or pay in 3 monthly instalments.

For most therapists and coaches, the cost of this package will add up to a lot less than you would make from adding one new client to your caseload who completes treatment with you. Think about that ... for less than you will earn from one new client, you can develop your practice and increase your throughput of clients and profits … for years to come! ...

And you can start right now for either just 3 payments of £332 (saving you £151 off the full price of the coaching PLUS the marketing course), or, even better, save 30% with a single payment of £797.

And don't worry - there's no risk in joining today, because there is a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!.

Instalment Plan


PER MONTH x 3 months (£996 in total)

6 x 1-hour Coaching Calls

All Materials Included

Online Support Included

All Bonuses Included


One-Time Payment


single payment

6 x 1-hour Coaching Calls

All Materials Included

Online Support Included

All Bonuses Included


Try 1:2:1 Coaching with me with ZERO RISK and a 100% Money Back Guarantee

"If, after our first coaching call, you decide that working with me does not meet your expectations, simply ask for your money back within 30-days of your first session for a full refund, no questions asked. And, of course, you get to keep all of the materials that you've downloaded too. No worries!" ~ Dr Colin Clerkin, Your Practice Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common concern with online packages and courses. People ask "Is there a time limit on this? Do I have to start it today, or finish it within a fixed period once I start?" 

The answer is simple - YES, you can purchase and delay starting until you're ready.! All I ask is that, once you've bought the 1:2:1 package, you book your first coaching call within 12 months, but there is no time limit on when they end (though if the calls are more than a couple of months apart, the impact of the coaching may be diminished) 

All of the bonus material is yours to access when and where you like. There are no time limits - if you submit questions to me, I'll answer them as long as I am able to. Bookmark the course page and take as long as you need to work through the material.


I think you will find having a coach over the 6 months that you are drawing your plans together for, and then launching, your private practice will be invaluable to you as you get your business set up correctly and have a plan for future growth from Day 1.


The coaching calls will be via Zoom line video meetings, and can be accessed by computer, tablet or phone. 

The online training course is accessible on all devices, too, whether a tablet, phone, PC, Mac, or laptop.

I plan to leave access to the online material available to you for at least two years. It will probably be for longer, but I also want to try to ensure that the material is fresh and up-to-date, so I may produce a "Version 2.0" of the Marketing Your Practice programme sometime down the line. If this new material amounts to significant extra content, there may be a small fee associated to this ... I'll let you know if that is the case.

However, if you download all of the attachments within the modules, you will, effectively, have lifetime access to everything anyway!

Get Clarity for your Business Vision Now!

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Sobia's comments:

“Working with Colin has given me the confidence I needed to embrace my role as director of my own company and in delivering a service to the public. I was constantly focused on the tasks I had not done, rather than feeling a sense of achievement for what I had. Colin also provided a lot of resources which I can work through to continue to build my practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others

Dr Sobia Khan
Clinical Psychologist


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